unikk.me - increases our wellbeing and take care of our personal data

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As entrepreneurs of the decentralized data economy, we apply our experience from the IT industry and the digital transformations we have implemented, to direct the value of your digital life to you. We want the primary benefit of person data to go to the person – and let that person decide how data is used beyond that. That also implies donating data for the common good.


unikk.me is an independent actor in the emerging eco-system enriching our individual and social digital life with personal data. Our mission is to provide human centric and meaningful services to each of us based on our own data and preferences. Meanwhile, we make it possible for organisations to develop their services and products in close contact with their members, employees or users – a contact based on respect for privacy and with transparency.

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In every activity we perform at unikk.me, we think Privacy. To us, privacy means applying the preferences that you set - as well as keeping within regulations. Our services will strictly apply this while keeping data in a safe location.